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Pre-Need Program

We allow prepayment of burial costs. This program allows you to pre-designate your burial choices, lock in burial costs, "pay down" your assets with an allowable expenditure, and give your loved ones the peace of mind that comes with knowing your wishes have been followed.

No one wants to talk about death, no matter if they are planning their own funeral or that of a loved one. But doing so is a sensible way to make informed choices and decisions before the need arises.

The Cemetery Staff and Trustees understand that the death of a loved one is one of the most traumatic experiences you will ever face, and making final arrangements while grieving can be emotionally difficult.

By being informed ahead of time about choices in cemetery providers and arrangement options, consumers avoid being unprepared, overwhelmed, and left worrying if they are doing the right thing during their time of need.

The result can be cemetery arrangements that are well-planned, affordable, and meaningful.

For peace of mind

Plan ahead to make things easier…

For yourself — Deciding on your own arrangements in advance spares your family the anguish of making decisions at a difficult time. Let your loved ones know what you want, and be sure to provide them with copies of any arrangements you make.

For a loved one — Planning in advance for the death of a loved one relieves you of that burden at the time of death. Take time now to find out what your loved ones want.

For yourself and your loved ones — Making cemetery arrangements in advance helps control the costs, removes the worry of making decisions at an emotional time, and ensures that final wishes are carried out when the time comes.

For peace of mind — When decisions about cemetery arrangements are made in advance, friends and family can carry out special traditions or customs and concentrate on other end-of-life matters, including spending quality time with loved ones.

Benefits of Advance Planning

Preserve Your Wishes — Advance cemetery arrangements ensure that with your internment arrangements are followed.

Togetherness — Throughout life, you involve those you care for in important decisions, especially a spouse. It is loving and responsible to make your cemetery arrangements together as well.

Emotional Control — Without the grief and anguish that accompanies death, your burial, decisions can be made thoughtfully, intelligently and free from pressure.

Financial Advantages — Not only can you enjoy today's lower prices, your advance planning also allows you to select a payment method and plan that does not burden your family. Our pre-need program allows you or your family members to pay for expenses prior to the time of death. You can prepay in full for all the burial services or use our payment plan which allows you to pay in 12 or 24 monthly installments. There is no interest charge on the contract.

Greater Availability — Although the Cemetery District has an ongoing, active building and land development program, grave and niche spaces that are available today may not be available tomorrow. Advance planning may permit you to obtain space exactly where you want, rather than taking what is left at a time following a death.

Contact the Cemetery Administrator at 760-367-9316 or email us at for personal assistance and complete information.

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